Z World Detroit wants Detroit’s brains. What the heck is it you ask? Well, the “Z” stands for zombies for starters. Imagine being able to finally live out Zombieland, including the great pointers the viewer learns within the first few moments of the film (#1 Cardio, #2 Beware of Bathrooms, etc.).

    Still unsure? Well, think of it as preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse. Yes, we said Zombie–brain craving, face-eating, ready to take down Shaun [of the Dead] right here smack in our city. Not real zombies though, but people who are willing to pull Blair Witch-like terror on (somewhat) unsuspecting people who are hunkering down in abandoned buildings throughout  an approximate 200 acres in Detroit.

    Does this sound like something odd or unheard of? Nope. In the UK there’s the Zombie Shopping Mall Experience at a £139 (or $216 US) which allows you to gather up to 15 people to fight Zombies for 4 hours in an abandoned  mall in Reading, Berkshire. There are dates galore for this event and people are talking about it.

    Now take an abandoned mall and replace it with parts of our city. And Z World Detroit isn’t looking at a sixth of your day, they’re looking at evenings. What’s more frightening than trying to sleep in an abandoned building, hiding from zombies, and possibly being able to hear the roar of the crowd from a game downtown? You can tell safety is nearby, something out there wants your brains (as well as those with you), yet people are still having fun?

    And did we mention you have no ammo? Yup, you are without any real way to defend yourself other than your wits and physical stamina. This is not for the lazy, as you’ll likely be running for your life.

    The concept is still in talks with the team hoping to crowdfund an ambitious $145k. What do you think Detroit, is this a great use of unused space? Or could Z-World turn our city into some weird tourist trap, all the while promoting our dilapidated buildings and neighborhoods?

    Source: Z World Detroit

    Carey Sperl

      Carey L. Sperl is a Librarian by education and was raised in Detroit. After having lived in other cities, Detroit still holds fast as being her favorite. She is a knitter, Aunt, avid book reader, twitter-addict, and loves homemade sweets.


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